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Elisha Davis, fourth son of Frederick and Fanny Davis, born in 1781, had probably a better education than his older brothers, the opportunity being more favorable. He was a volunteer in the Second Tennessee Infantry, Col. William Pillow commanding, in 1813, with General Jackson against the Creek Indians. At the age of forty-two, on December 23, 1823, he married Miss Mary Sarah Fry, at the residence of Dr. Felix Robertson, in Nashville, Tenn. He lived with his father a short time, until he improved his own farm, adjoining. In 1832, he sold his farm in Williamson Co., Tenn., including the homestead of Frederick Davis, which he had bought, intending to settle in Texas. He made three trips to Texas, had located land, and returning the third time, died from cholera at Natchez, Miss., June 11, 1836. His widow and children remained in Tennessee until 1846, then went to Texas and settled on the lands he had procured. Their issue:

  • Sarah Francis Davis, born February 21, 1825; died November 6, 1867.
  • William Felix Davis, born December 13, 1827; died in March 1892.
  • Ellen Robertson Davis, born November 28, 1830. died Oct 13-1?
  • Joseph Frederick Davis, born in 1832; died in 1837.
  • John Elisha Davis, born June 11, 1836, the day of his father's death in Natchez. He never married. Killed February 14, 1860.X

Sarah Frances Davis, born in 1825, married John W. McCamly, on July 16, 1846, at Matagorda, Texas. He died in 1861. She remained a widow, and died in 1867. Their issue:

  • Ellen McCamly, born May 16, 1847; died August 1, 1849.
  • William A. McCamly, born June 20, 1849. M.D.
  • John W. McCamly, born August 7, 1851.
  • Frederick C. McCamly, born January 28, 1854. Died Nov 15, 1937
  • William A. McCamly, born in 1849, physician in Wharton, Texas. Married in April, 1873. Their issue: Mrs. Moore, William L. McCamly.

John W. McCamly, born in 1851, a lawyer at Abilene, Texas. Unmarried.

Frederick C. McCamly, lawyer, born January 28, 1854, of Galveston, Texas, married, on January 7, 1874, Rosa Forrest Croom. Their issue:

  • Rosa C. McCamly, born February 4, 1875.
  • Ada K. McCamly, born March 1, 1878; died in 1897.
  • Frederick C. McCamly, born October 10, 1886.

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Rosa C. McCamly, born in 1875, married Mr. Stanberry.John P. Stansbury Their issue:

  • Fred McCamly Stansberry Stansbury, born in November, 1898.

William Felix Davis, second child of Elisha Davis, born December 13, 1827, married Endora C. Hardeman, in 1855. She died in 1889. Their issue:

  • Sallie C. Davis, born in July, 1856.
  • Marienne S. Davis, born in September 11, 1858.
  • William F. Davis, born in August, 1865.
  • D. Hardeman Davis, born in November, 1867.
  • Owen W. Davis, born in April, 1869.
  • Mary R. Davis, born in April, 1873.

Sallie C. Davis, born in 1856, married John Giles, on January 8, 1877. Their issue:

  • Henry D. Giles, born in 1878.
  • Sarah E. Giles, born in 1887.
  • Louise Giles, born in 1890.

Marienne S. Davis, born in 1858, married W. J. Croom, in April 1884. The issue:

  • Marienne D. Croom, born March 2, 1885.

William F. Davis, born in 1866, married in December, 1889. Their issue:

  • Willie Davis (a girl), born in 189[X].
  • Mary R. Davis, born in 1892.
  • A son, not named, born in 1898.

D. Hardeman Davis, born in 1867, married in November, 1889. Their issue:

  • Garland Davis, born in 1890.
  • Walter O. Davis, born in 1892.
  • A son, born in 1898.

Owen W. Davis, born in 1869, married in April 1898.

Mary R. Davis, born in 1873. Not married.

Ellen Robertson Davis, daughter of Elisha Davis, born in 1830, married, at Matagorda, Texas, on November 5, 1846, John L. Croom, a lawyer of Wharton, Texas. Their issue:

  • Wiley J. Croom, born November 28, 1852.
  • Rosa Forrest Croom, born November 4, 1857.
  • John L. Croom, Jr., born August 3, 1859. - Died Aug[?] 25

Wiley H. Croom, a lawyer, born in 1852, married, on August 25, 1873. Had one child by this marriage - Lida D. Croom, born November 26, 1874. Died Nov 25th 1911 In 1884 he married a second time, Marienne Davis, his cousin. Their issue:

  • Marienne Davis Croom, born in 1885.

Lida D. Davis Croom, born in 1874, married Mr. Hodges, in February, 1894. Their issue:

  • Willie Croom Hodges, born in 1895. [difficult] 16, 1899

Rosa Forrest Croom, born in 1857, married Fred C. McCamly, lawy, her cousin, on January 7, 1874. Their issue:

  • Rosa C. McCamly, born February 4, 1875.
  • Ada K. McCamly, born March 1, 1878; died in 1897.
  • Frederick C. McCamly, born October 10, 1886.

John L. Croom, Jr., a lawyer, born in 1859, died August 2, 1890; married on January 27, 1882. Their issue:

  • Rosa Forrest Croom, born July 23, 1884.

[Note on Page 66] William Felix Davis and his wife Eudora had two daughters who [died?] in early childhood not mentioned on Page 32. Annie H. & Ellen R.

[Note] John L. Croom and his wife Ellen had three children not mentioned on page 33 who died in infancy - Ellen R., born Sept 25th, 1849, died May [?]th, 1852[?]; Bettie Pauline, born May 8th, 1851, died Sept 5th, 1857. John L., born Nov. 16th, 1854, died, Nov 20th, 1854.

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Research Notes

  1. Original formatting requires care to discern relationships/generations - transcription above is no better.
  2. Many of the handwritten notes are illegible or difficult.
  3. Exact date of marriage of Elisha Davis and Mary Sarah Fry conflicts with actual marriage record
  4. Death year of Elisha Davis conflicts with death notice in Western Weekly Review, though the month and day do match as does the location and cause of death.
  5. Death of John Elisha Davis is confirmed by 1860 Census Mortality Schedule.

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William Frederick Watkins and Edward D. Hicks, "A Sketch of the Life and Generations of Frederick and Fanny Davis", May 1899.


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