Durrett Stanfield

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Durrett Stanfield
Birth 5 October 1771
likely North Carolina or Virginia
Death 13 September 1838 (aged 66)
Williamson Co., Tennessee
Burial Unknown Griggs Family Cemetery, Williamson Co., Tennessee
Parents Ephraim Stanfield (Unknown–1815)
Leah Durrett
Siblings Durrett Stanfield (1771–1838)
Spouse(s) Lucy Warren
Children McCoy Stanfield (1823–1880)


Durrett Stanfield was born on October 5, 1771, likely in North Carolina or Virginia, the son of Ephraim Stanfield and Leah Durrett.

Durrett married Lucy Warren on December 18, 1797 in Caswell Co., North Carolina.

Newton and Sarah had the following known children:

  1. McCoy Stanfield - Born in October 1845

Durrett Stanfield died on September 13, 1838 in Williamson Co., Tennessee and is buried in the Griggs Family Cemetery there.


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